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Steven Foreman, M.D

A child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist, Steven Foreman has been in practice in San Francisco since 1985.  He is past president of the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group.  He has conducted research on the process and outcome of psychotherapy with children and adults.  He has lectured internationally on the subject of psychotherapy and has published numerous clinical and research papers as well as a book for parents and clinicians, Breaking the Spell, Understanding Why Kids Do the Very Thing That Drives You Crazy.


Evaluation and treatment planning is a holistic problem-solving approach that takes into account psychology and physiology.  When starting with someone new, we usually begin with an evaluation to understand the problems we are trying to solve, leading to a treatment plan that outlines what we can do to help.  Clients are always asked to develop and clarify their goals. Treatment is a collaborative effort to help meet those goals.

•      Individual psychodynamic
•      Conjoint Family
•      Cognitive Behavioral
•      Couples
•      Play Therapy


Consultation and Treatment for 
•      Children
•      Adolescents
•      Adults
•      Elderly
•      Couples
•      Families

Please call (415) 929-7228 to make an appointment

3608 Sacramento Street

 San Francisco, California. 94118

(415) 929-7228


  “Kids always provoke parents by doing the very thing that irritates, infuriates, and undoes them.  In normal families, this is an everyday, though annoying occurrence, but in troubled families,  the interaction becomes a malignant experience around which the parent and child torture each other and drag the family down.”


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